How To Join

You may join the Santa Barbara Art Association as an artist or as a patron.

Schedule & Application Fee:  Artists wishing to join SBAA have the opportunity to apply for membership twice a year, usually in March and September. The next opportunity is:

Friday, April 14, 2023 from 10:30 – 12:30 in the Faulkner Gallery of the Santa Barbara Public Library at 40 East Anapamu Street

Please continue to check the date as sometimes the library makes last minute changes over which we have no control

Pick up all your pieces the same day from 3pm to 4pm

in the Faulkner Gallery at the Santa Barbara Public Library
40 East Anapamu Street.

The Orientation for those accepted will be Saturday  April 22 from 2 – 4 pm.

The jurying takes place between 1 and 3 pm and you must pick up your artwork between 3:00 and 4:00 pm that same day.  Your artwork will not be protected if you are late picking it up.  The fee for applying for membership is $25 to be paid in cash or by check.

Please read the detailed information about joining below.  If you have additional questions,  call 805-963-1026, email  or visit

Requirements:  There are no forms to be filled out in advance.  Submit three pieces of original artwork in the same medium.  All artwork must have been completed within the last five years.   The artwork may not be a copy or close adaptation of another’s work unless described as “after” or “inspired by” in the title.  Work developed with the assistance or direction of an instructor in a class is not considered your original art.

Artwork may consist of oil, pastel, acrylic, watercolor, collage, small assemblages, hand pulled prints, photography (including altered photography), sculpture, large assemblages, handmade jewelry, etc. in any medium including original molds.  Photographs, digital art, and jewelry must provide a brief written description (without your name) of the technique you used to create your piece to help the judges evaluate your work.  Wearable art is not accepted.

Process:  Three judges will review all the entries.  All three judges are professionals in the art field.  At least two judges are from outside the SBAA.  All artwork is assigned an identification number so your name is kept from the judges.

The judges look for originality and creativity, technical expertise and knowledge of your selected medium, coupled with an adequate understanding of composition, color, balance, and form as well as presentation.  You should have the works you submit relate to each other in style, theme, and subject matter as you would in a private art show.  They should have similar frames, and be ready to hang.  Canvases may be unframed if the edges are finished, but must be wired ready for hanging.  All two dimensional artwork must have hanging wire or will be considered unacceptable.  Wet paintings will be automatically disqualified.

Reapplying:  If you are not accepted, you are encouraged to reapply as the judges change each time and, as you know, art is very subjective.  The judges’ decision is the result of their opinion based on their knowledge, experience, and personal preferences.  SBAA does not have a quota system for new members.  Many SBAA members had to try more than once so you may have better luck with the next judges.  After applying three times, your application fee is waived.

Membership: Once accepted, you will be offered membership which becomes effective upon your payment of dues by check or in cash.  When joining in March, the dues for the remaining year through June 30 are $25 in cash or by check.  When joining in September, you pay dues of $50 in cash or by check that are the annual dues for our fiscal year July 1 through June 30.  Membership privileges include the opportunity to enter any SBAA show and exhibit at Gallery 113 as well as, show critiques, workshops, and a monthly newsletter.

Members accepted into a show at the Faulkner Gallery should sign up for a 4 hour Gallery Watch.  Members showing at Gallery 113 must be trained as Gallery 113 sitters and be able to transact sales before they can sit.  All members are expected to volunteer for some task as SBAA is run by volunteers and cannot function without them.

Patron Membership: The Santa Barbara Art Association is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization of primarily artists who have been juried in through the process described earlier.  SBAA also offers Patron memberships to artists not yet juried in or anyone interested in supporting the Association and its activities (e.g., 3 annual scholarships to college students, Student Art Fund which pays for Junior and High School art supplies, workshops, field trips, special shows, etc.).  Patron members do not have to be artists and we encourage non-artists with an interest in art and a desire to get involved to consider a Patron Membership.

As a Patron Member, you receive all the benefits available to our Artist Members but just can’t enter the member only shows.  These benefits include show critiques, workshops, field trips, receptions, annual directory, and monthly newsletter. The minimum donation to be a Patron Member is $50.  Your name will appear in the Directory under the level of your donation which can exceed the basic $50.

Santa Barbara Art Association
P.O. Box 61642
Santa Barbara, CA 93160
(805) 963-1026

For more information, please see following PDF:

How to Join 2020 TBA