Rules and Guidelines

Members’ Juried Shows at the Faulkner Gallery:  SBAA members who have paid their dues may now submit three works of art.  These works should be recent – within the last two years and not previously shown in this venue.  Entry fees are $10 for one entry, $20 for two entries, and $25 for three entries with no refund.  We only accept cash or checks.  Entry fees may vary at other venues.

Holiday Non-Juried Show at Faulkner Gallery:  This show is to offer artwork for $300 or less for holiday gifts.  You may also enter pieces not for sale. The entry fee and number of pieces that may be submitted will be announced in the newsletter. As part of this show, we also exhibit one piece free by our new members in the side galleries with no price limit or not for sale.

Ingathering Day:  Members of SBAA may enter artwork in any medium.  The ingatherings are usually from 10:00 to 12:30 (except at Cabrillo Pavilion Arts Center where it is 11 – 1 pm).  Judging takes place from 1 – 3 p.m. and all works not selected must be picked up from 3 – 4 p.m. on the ingathering day.  All information is in the Calendar on the front page of the monthly newsletter and on the website under the Calendar tab.  Please check the latest version as the dates and times sometimes have to change. The entry fee may be different at other venues so always ask.  SBAA and the venue have no liability for art in our shows and insurance is the responsibility of the artist.  If you or designee are unable to pick up your artwork at the scheduled takedown date and time, do not enter that show.

Eligibility of Work for Exhibit:  A work must be original art of the artist submitting it.  It may not be a copy or close adaptation of another’s work, a published photograph, drawing, or sculpture unless credit is given to that artist, organization, or source.  Work developed with the assistance or direction of an instructor in a class is not considered your original art.

  • We do not allow reproductions or the re-working or altering on a reproduction of an original artwork. 
  • Work developed with the assistance, guidance, and direction of an instructor is not in itself sufficiently creative and is considered unacceptable. 
  • No work may be exhibited more than once in the juried Faulkner Gallery shows. 

Presentation Criteria:  All artwork must be properly labeled and 2-dimensional artwork must be securely framed with hanging wires.   Canvases may be unframed if the edges are finished, but must be wired ready for hanging.  Sculptures can be no larger than one person can handle.  All 3D work must be movable and not top heavy or dangerous.  Failure to adhere to the following criteria may result in your artwork being excluded from the show.  2-dimensional artwork must be above all DRY:

  • wired for hanging with ends of wire wrapped in tape or twisted towards the sides of the frame.
  • Wire should be attached 1/3 way down the side of the frame and not too tight to hang easily and not too loose to show above the top of the frame.  We recommend a 2 – 3 inch slack depending on the width of the frame.
  • Frames must be in good shape (i.e., solid, not marred, and clean).
  • If artwork is matted, the mat must be clean and firmly against artwork with no gaps.
  • If glass or Plexiglas is used, it must be clean with no fingerprints.

At the ingathering, you must:

  • Place the assigned Entry Number firmly at the bottom right corner of 2D artwork so it sticks out from behind the artwork, can be easily read by the labeler once it is hung, and will be covered when the artwork label is put up.  For 3D artwork, place the number so it is visible from the bottom of the piece.
  • Stick the yellow copy of the Entry Form on the backside of 2D work, but not in center of the wire and it must not be visible when the artwork is hanging.  For 3D work, fold the form underneath the artwork so it is not visible.

Takedown of Show:  Members must pick up their work accepted in any show on the takedown date and time as SBAA has no means for storing uncollected artwork.  Artists who do not pick up their artwork by the designated time will not be allowed to enter the next juried show.  Neither SBAA nor the venue will be responsible for any artwork not picked up at the time and date designated for takedown. The artist is also responsible for handling any artwork sold if it is left until takedown (i.e., delivering to buyer or shipping).

Faulkner Gallery Watch:  Each accepted artist in a Faulkner show is asked, on the ingathering day, to sign up to sit the Faulkner Gallery desk for at least one shift during the run of the show.  This is no longer a library requirement but increases the security of the art on display, provides a resource to answer questions about sales, how to join SBAA, future SBAA shows, and helps promote SBAA through a positive encounter with you.

Annual Dues:  The SBAA fiscal year is July 1 – June 30 and dues are $50 per year payable by July 1.  A renewal notice is mailed to each member in June with a return envelope for you to use.  Reminders are placed in the Newsletters for June, July, and August. Emails or letter reminders are sent out mid-July and mid-August.  A final letter is mailed out the last week of August.  Members who have not paid their dues by August 31 will be considered delinquent and have to pay an additional $25 penalty fee to maintain their membership.  Only members who have paid their dues can enter SBAA shows or hang in Gallery 113.  If dues are still delinquent by June 30 of the following year, the membership is dropped and reinstatement requires going through the entire jurying process again.  We request that you pay your dues by check made out to SBAA so that the check can serve as your receipt.  Please write Dues in the memo section.  You must mail your dues to the address below (no other method of payment is acceptable): 

SBAA,   P.O. Box 61642,   Santa Barbara, CA 93160

Sales:  SBAA does not handle any sales and receives no commission from sales.  Sales of works from SBAA shows in the Faulkner Gallery are handled through Gallery 113.  A commission of 35% is charged by Gallery 113.  The artist receives 65% commission less credit card fee, if the client paid by credit card.  Works may not be removed before the end of the show without permission from the SBAA president.  Any piece sold from a juried show that the buyer takes before the end of the show may not be replaced.  Each venue has its own way of handling sales and taxes, and charges a different commission, so always ask for details at other venues if you don’t see them posted.  At a few venues (e.g., Hutton, S.B. and 1919 State Street), the buyer will call the artist directly from the phone number on the label for the artwork, so the artist handles the sale and taxes, and no commission is charged. 

Emails: SBAA sends out the SBAA Newsletter, important reminders, and information useful to artists via using the sender name so make it is in your address list.   Please make sure you do not UNSUBSCRIBE as the only way to get back on the list is to contact  for how to resubscribe. 

Website: There is lots of useful information on the SBAA website .  The Calendar tab provides details on each show (e.g., ingathering, reception, takedown).  The Shows tab lists the start and end dates for visitors of the shows and some photographs taken of prize winners.  The Venues tab provides maps of the various venues at which we hold our shows.  The Workshops tab describes SBAA sponsored workshops.  The Member Links tab provides a means for people to easily get to your website.  The Newsletters tab takes you to current and old newsletters.  The Information tab has a drop down menu for the How to Join SBAA, list of SBAA Board Members, and History about SBAA.  If you can’t find your latest newsletter in your emails, go to the website to find out dates and times of SBAA events.

Volunteers:  SBAA operates only with volunteers.  It is important to find a way in which you can contribute.  Help is always needed at the ingatherings, receptions, and the Annual General Meeting.  The Student Art Fund also needs people to help raise funds and put together the bi-annual Grandparents show. 

Etiquette:  Please follow common practices in submitting your artwork in SBAA shows.  Never take out your frustration on our volunteers.  Talk to the SBAA President if you have a problem with the way we operate.

  • When your artwork is not accepted in a show, please accept the rejection with grace as it is a consequence of entering a juried show (a couple of venues where we show have limited space for hanging artwork and some jurors have strong feelings about how they want the show to look).  It is inevitable that despite the quality of your work, sometimes it will not be accepted in a show.   If you have a problem, sign up to assist the juror next time so you can see what lengths we take to be impartial and let the juror select what he or she wants in the show.  Since every juror has individual taste and bias, we rotate them so that no juror is used more than once in two years.
  • Do not make special requests about hanging your artwork as the curator is the only one to decide what goes where.  Some venues use their own people to curate and hang the show so SBAA has no control over the hanging.  When we do pay someone to hang, there is so much involved in laying out the artwork and so many pieces that there is no way for the hanger to take into consideration individual requests.