Always check your emails from for any changes to the dates and the times for our ingatherings and takedowns.

Fall SBAA Members Only Juried Show at the Bronfman Family Jewish Community Center, 524 Chapala Street.  Sorry, no 3-D accepted.  Usual entry fee.

Takedown:   Thursday, November 12 from 11 – 1

SBAA/GVAA members non-juried show at the Hutton, Santa Barbara, 1528 Chapala Street.  Sorry, no 3-D accepted.  No entry fee.  Up to 3 pieces may be submitted.

Ingathering:  Saturday, October 18 from 10 -12 and takedown of old show

Takedown:  Saturday, mid April, 2015

SBAA members only juried show at 1919 State Street.  Sorry no 3-D accepted.  Up to 3 pieces may be entered at usual entry fee.

Ingathering:  Saturday, November 8 from 10 – 12:30

Takedown: Saturday, February 7 from 10 – 12:30

SBAA members only Holiday Show.  3-D accepted.  You may enter up to 2 pieces for $5 each.

Ingathering:  Monday, December 1 from 10 – 12:30

Reception:  Thursday, December 4 from 5 – 8

Takedown:  Monday, December 29 from 10 -12